In this day and age everything is a collaboration between a brand and a celebrity, usually a musician. I was just reading an article on Revision Path about the rise of celebrity creative directors and the thin line between authenticity or just attaching a name to a brand for sales.  Some of the collaborations and collections make no sense to me. like really, who thought it was a good decision to make Alicia Keys the creative director over at Blackberry. No shade to Alicia but... it just makes no sense to me at all from a brand relation standpoint and needless to say.. it was short lived.  

In recent celebrity collaboration news we have A$AP Rocky and Gue$$ Originals, which actually makes a lot of sense to me. A$AP is no stranger to the fashion world, if you've listened to any of his music, (I mean he has a song called fashion killa) you'll know that he knows all the brands and the people in the fashion world.  In my opinion Gue$$ has remained relevant due to its brand longevity but lets be honest, its hasn't necessarily been "cool" or "edgy" in a minute, and by minute I mean early 90s. 

The collection gives me 2Pac in Juice, Los Angeles 1992 vibes.  Lots of denim, oversized jackets, stripes, and iconic 90s colorways. To make it more iconic to A$AP and hip hop the S's are replaced with $, which is the A$AP Rocky signature.  I love the simplicity of it with the little touch of edge.  Its very nostalgic, we all have that photo album with our parents or siblings sitting around in oversized denim varsity jackets with turtleneck shirt.  There are a few Open Ceremony stores that have the collection now, but release for Guess stores will be February 16th. 

This couldn't be a Rocky project without some type of video or short film involved. See below for the collection video.  What do you think about the collection? and are celebrity partnerships becoming overrated? Questions that need answers. 

– A$AP L$CI 

All photos courtesy of GUESS

Top photo edited by me