Another One

So I stated in a previous post that I was going to start a column where I discuss current projects and title it "Currently Designing". Well... the test results came in and determined that was a lie. I won't say its a full lie.....I'm defintely blogging about my current work, but I'm so over the name "currently designing" its too uniformed and blogger friendly. Until I figure out what it should be called I'll just go with the good ole pop culture references. So here we are with, another one

For some reason 2016 is the year of the website, most of my emails come from future brides who need a wedding website. All thanks to one of my friends who had her wedding (site included) go viral. So needless to say alllllllll I've been working on is web stuff. Other than wedding sites I'm working on a cool site for a vocalist and poet out of the Chicago area. We're wrapping up the site so when its finished I'll post the site and give you all her information. 

I start off my design process but having the client create a moodboard, after its completed I take the images and create my own smaller one. Creating a moodboard in the beginning holds both myself and the client accountable for the direction we're going in aesthetic wise. I started doing this when I realized that sometimes its hard for people to verbally express what they want something to look like.  For instance, a client will say "I want something modern" (just because it sounds right) but after seeing the moodboard its usually a completely different style. 

I'm loving this clients style, she's very in touch with who she is and is proud to be a black woman. Things that inspire her range from Badu to singing in her grandmas church back in the day. One reoccurring theme is the vintage photos of iconic black women and things that represent us (natural hair, JET Magazine ect.) The above photos are a combination of the photos on her moodboard mixed with a few images I selected that shape her brand. I'm excited to share the whole project! In the meantime, what are y'all working on? What's happening in the streets?

Peace & Hair Grease

– Yung Eartha Kitt 

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