I'm a huge fan of music videos, I won't give you the whole "its a dying art" rundown because I'm a believer that they're still relevant. In my free time I like to scan YouTube and watch random videos. Lets be honest, most music channels don't play them anymore... so YouTube is our best bet. 

I learned the value of the art of storytelling during my time at Disney. Most importantly I realized how much goes into creating great visuals for a story. During my first year there I became friends with a guy who works in Media Productions and was introduced to a world videography.  I started paying closer attention to music videos, the stories behind them, and the people that direct them. So now, I'm pretty much obsessed. 

I could go on and on about this, and I definitely plan to write more in depth posts about certain directors and videos but below are a few videos that I enjoy. Not my top 10 or anything but just ones I think are cool. I like each one for different reasons, sometimes its the story behind the visual or it can be the special effects. Check them out and let me know what you think.  If you have a favorite video share it! 

Super side note but I hate the way I end my blog posts, I'm not really the 'xoxo' type and now that I'm thinking about it using 'SLL' at the end seems a little blah. I'm a huge fan of the podcast "The Read".  In the beginning of each show the hosts introduce themselves as another person, usually someone who's done something relevant that week or just a shoutout to someone random. I like that idea a lot because its unpredictable and honestly... its more fun than 'xoxo SLL' so I'll be ending all of my blog post with a random person. Until next time!

–Yung Snoop Dogg