Time ain't sorry

I was on my way to check out a new gym yesterday while vibing out to Beyonce's new album Lemonade, the song "Sorry" to be exact. Even though I've listened/watched a million times when I heard the line "looking at my watch he should've been home" I immediately thought of this illustration (and the gif on my IG). I didn't create the illustration with a blog post in mind but I thought why not, I'm overdue.

So lets catch up on my life and lack of blogging. 

I'm at a place in my life where I'm constantly wondering what's next.  I try not to be one of those super life planner types that has an age and date that they want to be successful by but I'm sooooo ready to know what my next steps are career wise. I've spent the last couple of months trying to figure that out but as of this week I've decided to let go and let my hard work run its course which leads me to my next point.

Hard work

I had a coffee meeting with a colleague and received some advice that I've heard a million times but needed to hear it again.  "Be the best at what you do and opportunities will present themselves".  I have a pretty decent work ethic but I know that personally I could take it up a notch, not to impress my boss or anyone else but to impress my damn self.  I'm trying to reach Beyonce levels over here.  Another piece of advice was "take advantage of who you are".  I'm a black woman with a certain set of skills/education that most people don't have.  I have a voice and flair thats different from my peers, and with the diversity being one of the main buzzwords in entertainment I fit a mold that's one of a kind and can translate my work across different demographics.  At that moment I realized that I have more power than I think, if I mesh that with EXCELLENT work nothing but good could happen.  

Along with improving my work ethic a huge goal of mine is to practice better time management.  Which is a huge reason of the lack of blogging. Ya girl has been BUSY! My freelance schedule is out of control on top of my 9-5 work. Even though I've honestly been busy there's plenty of time where I could've blogged instead of wasting time doing other things.  Along with blogging I have a million ideas, from starting a podcast to creating products and there's no reason why some of these things are still ideas instead of actually happening.  Main point, I gotta get it together.  

I have dreams of becoming an influencer in the design world (actually in every world). Why? Because there's no one like me for me to look up to. I'm finally realizing that I TRULY have a voice that other people like and will relate to. Its time to stop wasting time and create the content I want to see in the world.  If you're reading this whatever you've been procrastinating on DO IT because the world is just waiting on us to show up and show out. 

Laci out

*drops mic