Brand ya life

So I was thinking about what I wanted to blog about for today and realized Its been awhile since I've discussed what I'm doing in regards of my own branding.

Guess what.....I'm finally making things. 

I've talked about my branding a million times on this blog, sad thing is I posted a moodboard (which hasn't changed much) this time last year.


I also spoke about it here and here, which is more current but was last year. 

Designing for myself is the most challenging thing. I'm constantly growing and my aesthetic changes and refines very quickly. While I'm always evolving there's something that never changes, I'm very androgynous. I've always been a tom boy but as I've gotten older my style sits in the middle of feminine and masculine. I love to switch it up and keep myself on my toes. Same goes for my branding, I want something bold and striking while also incorporating color, personality, and femininity.

I've spent sooooo much time trying to wrap my mind around what this could look like. In my mind a designer's logo should be special and actually look "designed" vs a simple typed out logo. Guess what all the logos look like on my moodboard? Minimal typed out logos. Instead of going with what I like I put a ton of pressure on myself to create something "designy" (yes I made that up) and over thought the entire process.

So finally I decided to let loose and just start making things I like. I'm not doing a "rebranding" announcement or anything but you'll start to see changes in the way the site looks over the next couple of weeks. Once I have everything in place I'll do a post covering my personal branding process. There's one huge thing I've learned from this process and its to trust myself. I let this project drag out because I didn't trust myself to create something "worthy enough" (even thought I'm designing for everybody and they mama's. Anywho trust yo self and happy hump day. New things coming soon! 

Laci out.