Bringing home the bacon


I'm finishing up the Shonda Rhimes book "Year of Yes" I gotta admit that I've been reading that book wayyyy too long because its definitely a short read. I have a bad habit of starting books and waiting too long to finish resulting in me starting over multiple times... I'm a work in progress. 

I really appreciate Shonda's witty and honest writing style, I'm sure thats the main reason why I enjoy her shows. It feels like I'm talking to my homegirl.  One thing that I really appreciate about the book so far is fact that Shonda knows her worth in regards to her craft and her confidence shines throughout the book.  There's a line in the book where she says "I'm bringing home the bacon and frying it up in the pan".  I'm sure my immediate thought was "yasssssss girl" because being independent is hard damn job.  I remember being younger and saying things like "I can't wait until I'm grown" now I'm hoping for someone to go on Shark Tank with a time machine.  

While I would pay good money to go back to go the good ole days, I'm blessed to be able to be independent.  For all the ladies out there bringing home the bacon and frying it up too this one is for you. *inserts champagne toast. 

Happy Tuesday/Monday!