Creative Crush Wednesday: Jade Purple Brown



I'm back with the Creative Crush Wednesday's! Before I get to that, good news...I'm almost done with my branding! Along with spurcing things up I'm switching my website design slightly to something more Laci like. I'm really trying to go ahead and wrap it up this week so hopefully you'll see changes soon. Fingers crossed! 

In better news...Meet Jade Purple Brown (hey Jade), an Art Director/Designer based in Chicago. I can't remember how I ran into Jade's work but when I did I fell in love! If you take a look at my Pinterest, especially my "Really Trippy" board. You'll immediately know why.   


THE artist.

Anytime I run across an artist I like I have to do a background check, aka go stare at all their work and Instagram. Usually if I like someones work I'll enjoy their style/social media as well. Jade was no exception. From personal style to music choices she totally gets it. I plan to do an interview with her soon but from being a total stalker creep I noticed that she attended school for fashion which totally makes sense from looking at her work. Along with gaining press for her work, her style has been widely acknowledged as well. As a freelance art director she's worked with brands such as: Jim Beam, DeKUyper, and Justin Timberlake's tequila Sauza.



I love Jade's work because of the surrealism and her use of color and texture. Its really an art form to combine those three elements and create something thats aesthetically pleasing. According to an interview with Ballad Of Jade's inspiration comes from 1970’s playful embellishments and radical experimentation. From the over the top colorful patterns, quirky interior design, to the carefree attitudes. 


So that's all folks! As mentioned earlier I plan to start doing artist interviews so be on the look out for that. To check out more of Jade's work and press you can find her @