Stay Woke Pin on sale now!

My second pin is finally here! It feels like forever since I've been staring at the design since December. For some reason this one felt a lot harder than the first one. Even after submitting the design to the manufacturer I second guessed myself a lot. Soon as I received them all my anxiety went away, I'm pretty sure I ran around in a circle saying "ooh this shit is lit"

I'm learning a lesson this week in believing in my brand, staying woke to who I am and what I'm capable of. A friend told me a few weeks ago "you can't see you because you're you". That's so true! I'm my hardest critic. A lot of the times I'm moving so fast I don't realize any accomplishments, I'm just trying to get shit done. But now I'm trying to give myself a break and realize I'm doing some cool shit and take time to acknowledge it. Its weird when I get texts from people saying they're proud of me... I'm like why? I haven't done anything yet. Again, since I'm me, I don't see me. 

Anyway.... this post wasn't even suppose to be about me, its more about the pin lol. I'm just happy to put it out into the world. The phrase "Stay Woke" has been popular for awhile (shoutout to black culture) and its something I've been using in my day to day conversations for awhile now. That mixed with my love of using the eye ball emojis really brought this to life. If you ever text me you know I'm good for a  👁  or  👀 . And on a more serious note I think the pin perfect for the current climate of our country (with that dumb orange Cheeto man).

I'm focusing on taking my brand seriously and really creating the content I want to see. So for this I wanted to shoot photos that really have a So Laci Like vibe. While this is the year for collaboration there's some shit you just have to do yourself. Which is fine for me because I've been REALLY wanting to sharpen my photography skills. I went a little overboard and shot hundreds of photos so these are just the beginning. I plan to edit them and put together some type of look book. In the meantime enjoy the pin and buy one for yourself and your cousins. Also, special shoutout to Leticia and Natalia for letting me practice shooting with them = ) real friends. 

$ Dawn the Don