Black History Month 2017

For the past two years I've challenged myself to do a design based black history project. The first year I illustrated a black history fact each day and last year I created collages around an important person or event in black history. This month is already flying by so I'm starting to think about what this years project should be. Here's a few ideas, let me know what you think is best.

Option #1

Create an illustration a day that represents something or someone thats been iconic to black history. This can range from MLK to Migos. I think this one would be the most difficult but maybe the most rewarding. I love illustrating and its something I'm mad I haven't had enough time to do lately. Honestly I'm still working on the whole time management thing. I'm always working, but I need to squeeze in more time to just create to create. One of my goals for the break was to practice more so I can develop a style and due to me running around the city of Huntsville that didn't happen. 




I love the idea of doodling or adding graphics on top of photos. For some reason its something I'm really drawn to. I'm going to charge it to my love for mix media; putting two worlds together that don't necessarily seem like they mix but it works. For this option I would take a photo and either create a doodle around it or layer different graphics that changes the tone and brings the photos to life (ex. to the bottom left). 

artist:  hattie stewart
somewhere on tumblr

somewhere on tumblr


Last but not least. Option #3 is more of a typography challenge because that's an area of design I need to grow more in. Each day I would take a quote and create a type based graphic around it. This is one I know I would want to do a lot of research on. Its been on my to-do list to head to the LA Public Library so I can research old typography and graphic styles. 

ARTIST:  kambiz shafei

ARTIST: kambiz shafei

To be honest I have no idea which direction I want to go in (hence the blog post). Each option has pros and cons, and certain elements that will make them difficult. In general its hard to be consistent on these so just make sure to pray for me. Which idea do you like the best? Leave a comment, hit me up on social media, send a smoke signal... just give me some answers.