Brand New

new, new

I recently went to a comedy show where the comedian brought up the fact that black people are the only ones that say the same words back to back but they have different meanings, for instance: If someone asks me if I'm hungry and I can eat but I'm not starving I would say "I'm hungry, but I'm not HUNGRY HUNGRY".  I died laughing because its so true, I do it at least once a day. So welcome to my new but not NEW NEW blog. I've mentioned a million times that I'm working on my branding and finally I actually have something to show for it. 

If you're a blogger or entrepreneur you've probably read a million articles on the things to think about while building a brand. In case you haven't most of them tell you that the voice your brand has is key. It needs to authentic and have a strong message of who you are and what you're selling. 


yasss girl

The reason why it took me so long to commit to a new look is because I want it to be as authentic as possible and show my design aesthetic which can be hard for me sometimes. I love a good mix of color, pattern, and modernism that can be difficult to combine all at once. 

I love art that is playful, has a message, and is pleasing to the eye, but I didn't want to make something too playful or too corporate. I also want my blog to have a ton of my personality included which is why you see things like "YASSS" – a common phase I use with friends or the crystal ball which is a representation of the Black Girl Magic movement. Everything has a purpose and meaning behind it. 


An artist work is never done so I'm still fine tuning the in's and out's of the branding but you'll notice upgrades happening and things moving around here and there.  One thing to point out is that I decided to launch this before its actually done. I did that because normal Laci waits on things to be "perfect" knowing good and damn well that won't happen. So once I got to a spot where I figured it was good to show, I did. Now that I'm finally loving what my space looks like I can create all of this content I've been holding on to. I'll be doing a post soon that gives a deeper dive in how I came up with my visual language and brand icons. Until then let me know what you think. Do you like the new attitude or nah?