Stay Woke: Shonda Rhimes + Obama

When I think of Shonda Rhimes I immediately think about the fact that other than the NFL she's the only person I know that pretty much owns a day of the week. Its the season again where our fav shows are back on the air. For ABC that means Thursdays are Shonda's again. To make sure I cover all grounds here Shonda is a television (executive) producer, and writer. She's the creator, head writer, executive producer and showrunner of Grey's Anatomy and Scandal... and also the exec producer of the show How To Get Away With Murder... keep in mind all three of the shows come on back to back. You pretty much shut down your life for 3 hours every Thursday. Shonda is paving the way for African American women not only in television but the arts & entertainment world in general. Bottom line, she's the shit. For more information on Shonda click here. The approach for this design was more aestectic purposed rather than symbolic. I had a color palette I wanted to use and put it to work. 

Everyone has to know who this is and why he matters. My president is black.  For more information on Obama click here.