Stay Woke: Serena Williams


Day #10 is for Queen Serena, as in Serena Williams. We all know she's the GOAT (greatest of all time in case anyone is lost). I was researching Serena in order to list her proper accolades but to be honest she has so many I don't even know where to start. For starters she's won 21 career grand slams along with winning 66 singles championships, 22 doubles championships, and was also Gold-Medalist at the 2000 (doubles), 2008 (doubles), and 2012 (singles and doubles) Olympics. Pretty much what I'm saying is she's a beast and one of the greatest athletes of all time (and the second highest paid in 2015). 

This was a hard one design wise. I really want to do something with roses and concrete to symbolize the toughness of Serena mixed with her femininity. Somehow I ended up playing with Flowers and this happened. Between the photo and the roses, I still think I got my point across. For more information on Serena click here.

– Serena's Sports Illustrated Cover