Vibes Playlist

I'm at huge fan of music, all kinds. Its something that's been apart of my life forever. I've mentioned somewhere on here that I only have older brothers so things like streetwear and music (especially hip hop) were huge topics in my house. Along with that I was in band for most of my life which is one way I expanded my musical palette. There isn't a day that goes by where I don't listen to music. If I'm not listening to music I'm listening to a podcast about music I LOVE MUSIC (in Oprah's I LOVE BREAD voice). Certain songs take me back to certain memories, put me in a mood to do a certain activity, or give me a certain feeling. For instance I have a playlist called "Go Girl" which is a list of curated songs by women I love or the contents of the song have to do with empowering women. It gives me the "we're the shit and ain't nothing you can do about it" feeling. 

I'm a huge fan of positive vibes and I'm learning everyday that you seriously control your own happiness, from the workplace to your personal life. If you choose to sit around and be angry thats on you but I choose positive and chill vibes. Which leads me to this playlist. I work a lot and while I'm working I love to listen to music that just flows, its hard to explain but its a good vibe. Its the kind of music you can work to or cruise in your convertible with the top back on a sunny day. Either way, vibe out. 

The playlist is mostly the same on each platform. For Tidal the song "Platinum Chanel" by Dom Kennedy wasn't available so its been replaced with another Dom song. Kanye added a new song to The life of Pablo that fits right into the vibes of the playlist, its added on the iTunes & Tidal options. Listen away, tell me what you think!