August Playlist

If consistency is key I don’t have any damn keys or locks. The hardest part about blogging is keeping up everything. Hell the issue at life is keeping up with everything. With the addition of snap to instagram I can barely keep up with social media. Needless to say this last month has been a busy one. Between my 9-5, dealing with family/personal drama, and trying to carve out a great future for myself I’ve been EXHAUSTED! One thing that always keeps me afloat is music, I really can’t live without it. With the stress of the last month I’ve been trying to stay in a chill/mellow mood which is the inspiration for this playlist. Tune in and follow my August playlist. If you have new music recommendations I’m all ears.

*The playlist is available on iTunes, Tidal, and Spotify. Some songs weren’t available for each platform (aka Frank Ocean’s new album).