So Laci Like x Giant Vintage: 90s playa

I can't believe its almost been a month since my last post – to be honest it feels like its been longer if I think about all the stuff I've been working on in between time. I'm planning to do a series of catch up post and also send out a few newsletters (fingers crossed).

But I am happy to share one project I'm working on. A couple of months ago I ran across a sunglass brand Giant Vintage, I immediately loved their selection of 90s vintage frames and more importantly the cheap price. I mentioned in my new year post I want to really play with style this year and that includes building an arsenal of go-to accessories. I bought the chirp shades first, the shape of the lens reminds me so much of 90s hip hop and I'm pretty sure I was suppose to be a 90s rapper. After posting the shades a million times I guess GV figured out I was obsessed and offered to send me a few more. 

I thought about taking the usual route – a brand gives you product, you take a couple of selfies, tag them and voila! you're done. Instead I decide to concept editorial shoots around each pair. I started off with the Wicklow gold/black this pair really reminds me of vintage 90s Versace and ads you saw during that time period. Peep some of my mood board pics below. 

I'm sure I've mentioned this somewhere on here but I'm all about making moves soon as I have ideas. It took me a year to finally make a pin and I always regret how much time I wasted waiting on "the right time". 2017 is all about making moves. Peep the results of the shoot below. The model is my good friend Roger Coleman and the photos were shot by another friend Travis Geter.

Photography: Travis Geter 

Model: Roger Coleman

Creative Direction: Yours Truly! 

Glasses: Wicklow x Giant Vintage

Stay tuned for more concept shoots!