Pin Giveaway x EveMeetsWest

I think that people forget that social media is about being SOCIAL and connecting. While yes, it has different uses but that's the main one. Thank God for it because that's how I met Evelynn. After admiring her witty captions and love for sneakers I reached out to say 'ey girl you bomb over there' and we've been friends every since. Its not all the time you find kindred spirits but I'm really good at attracting the right people. 

To end black history month and kick off women's month we're partnering to giveaway one 'stay woke' pin to one lucky supporter! (and yes guys you can enter as well) Here's the guidelines:

1.) Follow both myself @solacilike and Evelynn @evemeetswest on Instagram 

2.) Tag one woke friend on each page

THAT'S IT! We'll announce a winner on March 4th 

Good luck + stay woke!