Retail Therapy

99 problems.

First world problem: I've lost so much weight I barely have clothes. As in I only have two pair of jeans that are my correct size. I really wish someone would call and tell me that I've randomly been selected for a whole new closet but it doesn't seem like that shit is going to happen so I'm forced to gradually throw together a wardrobe. And by gradually I mean at a very slow pace... I need more checks.  


21 forever.

I made a deal with myself to stay away from Forever 21, and not in a "I'm too good for Forever 21 way" but I realized that most of my wardrobe is bullshit – clothes that would not last me over time...essentially wasting my money. The solution: invest my money in more expensive essentials/statement pieces. I don't mean super expensive (I just said I need more checks) I'll still visit Forever 21 here and there, but its time for me to move on. 



I've always shopped at Zara but since I've ended my Forever 21 addiction its become my primary store (along with Cotton On and Urban Outfitters). Long story short, one day I went to Zara and decided to go on a binge (it was a long week). What came out of it? This entire outfit. 


but girl why.

I have an obsession with patches right now and I've been dying to create a jacket but guess what? I haven't had time so this is the perfect backup. I've noticed that I've been drawn to trench coats and tops with longer silhouettes. and I've also realized that I can dress super basic if I just have a cool jacket. Online shopping has found its way back into my life which is how I found the shoes (thank you ASOS). I feel like my style is finally starting to evolve, now I just those checks to support it.