No Limit


My motto for this year has been “Shoot your shot” because honestly the worst thing that can happen is that you miss and if that’s the case just try again (Aaliyah voice).

I’ve adapted this motto into every part of my life but the main area is my professional life. Anytime where I’ve been in a situation to “shoot the shot” I’ve made sure not to pass it by. This has put me in very awkward situations like where I’m approaching people I admire and asking for coffee/face time but I can honestly say I haven’t missed yet. You honestly miss 100% of the shots you don’t take and to be honest people are not out here shooting 3s so if you do it more than likely it’ll end in success.

The fact that we basically only have two months left in the year scares THE FUCK out of me! I feel so much pressure to get things done and set up goals/life plans for next year. I decided to take that scared energy and turn it into a “lets get shit done energy”. Basically… I’m shooting 3s for the rest of the year…game 6 style.

I truly believe I have no limits in what I can do (word to Master P) and these days I’m feeling more fearless and powerful than ever. One thing that I’ve truly realized lately is that hard work and faith takes you everywhere. Not only faith in God but faith in yourself. I’m carrying a fearless no limit attitude and I love it (hence the camo on camo).

One day I’m going to do a post on my fearlessness and ways to shoot your shot but right now I’ll just you with some no limit, I need a soldier by Destiny’s Child photos.

Photos: Leticia Hunt

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