Damn, Damn, Damn.


I can't believe its already towards the end of September. A little while ago I received an email with the subject line "What will you do with the last four months of 2017" I was like WHAT?? Last four months?! Even though I clearly knew what month we were in it didn't hit me that we're so close to the end of the year. This is the time of the year where businesses start evaluating budgets, set end of years goals, ect. I'm taking that fourth quarter method and using it for my life. Moving forward I'm focusing on goals and things that I need to have accomplished or set into place by 2018. Most years I wait until right before the new year or right after to establish goals and I really want to go into 2018 with a better idea of what I need to achieve.  The last month for me has been REALLY stressful so this is a period of rejuvenation, goal setting, and getting my life together. I want to start my 2018 takeover RIGHT NOW.

At this point you're probably like "well what does this have to do with a style post?" and the answer is absolutely nothing. To be honest I hate style posts that just tell you where they got their outfit from, its boring and played.

Going back to the idea of goals – one goal this year was to play with style and while I've done that a little I really want to take it to new levels in the next months. At this point you know I'm #teamcozy and would much rather be in sneakers most of the time (even though I plan to switch it up a little in the future). My favorites right now are my Metallic Gold AirMax 97s. Its a shoe I've had for a little while now but I feel like I'm just now starting to really wear them. In an effort to incorporate more color in my wardrobe I've started pairing bright colors with one another. I'm a huge fan of Pinterest and on my style board I noticed that most of the stuff I'm drawn to are bold colors against one another so I found a good way to do that for myself. Plus I love the DAMN merch (and just TDE merch in general). 

Anyway... I need to go get my life together. I'll be back soon with some work updates and what not. If you have some secret style gems let ya girl know. If you're trying to get your style together check out a past episode of my podcast "Shit to Say" where I have two of my good friends discuss how to determine your personal style. 

Also... remind yourself that you're a boss today. k? 

Photos: @evemeetswest @ovonatalia