So Laci Like x JORD Watches


Guess what... this is the second post this week which mean I'm already doing better for 2017, just like I said I would (keep praying for me lol). 

I've never been a watch connoisseur. Its one of those accessories I always say I'm going to invest in but for whatever reason I don't. Weird thing is watches have been on my mind heavily for the last year.  Every time I go into the mall, especially when I walk through Macy's I think "I should really find a nice watch". The urge became worse when I listened to Kevin Hart's interview on the breakfast club a few months back. He talked about how every time he finishes a big project he buys himself a timepiece. For him its justification of how important time is and how he values his time and craftsmanship. Which that's why watches are usually pricey due to the time placed into the craftsmanship. Charlamagne made a comment that essentially he's spending time on his time which is some boss shit. 

So when I was contacted by the great people at Jord to showcase one of their watches I figured this could help jumpstart my watch collection. Because similar to Kevin (without the millions) I'm really grasping how important time is and trying not to waste it. Something that I don't like about most popular watches these days is that everything is super blingy. I'm no stranger to bling bling, but I don't necessarily need cash money records on my wrist everyday. The thing that makes me like this watch is that its made almost entirely out of wood but still very lightweight (I hate heavy watches). The brown tone of the watches can be paired with just about anything! Its definitely a huge staple in the streetwear side of my wardrobe. When choosing a watch I wanted something that I can wear with multiple looks but still has a pop of color. If you didn't know green is the pantone color of the year so it felt just right. The big face of the watch gives me boss vibes but at the same time its still sleek and classic (plus the packaging is bomb which I'll post on my Instagram). Oh, and they have watches for both men and women so no excuses. 

Jord decided to be the GOAT (greatest of all time) and provided a contest link for all of my readers and subscribers! All entrants will receive an instant $25 off gift code for a watch of their choice and one lucky winner will receive $100 off a watch of their choice. The contest starts today 1/12/17 and ends 2/5/17.  If you need Valentine Day gifts, or just want to treat yoself (which is my speciality) I highly encourage taking advantage of this contest and checking out one of these timeless Jord watches.  Below is the contest link, check out the watches and let me know what you think. 

Contest link: 

My watch:

Photos: @evemeetswest