2017 Visions + Vibes

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 FULL BOARD

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 FULL BOARD

Happy New Year people! I feel like every time I write a blog post I say "I know its been awhile" because I've been so inconsistent with posting so for those who are reading THANK YOU for rocking with me. If you follow me on social media you know I've been BUSY! From launching my first lapel pin to taking on a ton of freelance work (on top of my corporate job) but I promise to do better in 2017.

I'm on the "new year, new me" train this year. For some reason I truly feel that when the clock struck 12 everything just reset. I've never really felt any type of emotions during the New Year but this year is totally different, I'm inspired and empowered now more than ever! When I went home (Alabama) for the holidays it was just a different vibe, everybody that I ran in to mentioned that I have a "glow" or that "2017 is YOUR year". Now I did get a facial right before my trip so that could be it, but I want to think that I'm wearing my inspiration on me. Something just feels right about the future. So for the first time I decided to do a vision board. Before starting I did a little research to see if there were any tips and ran across a list of categories to keep in mind when creating your board. I wish I remember the site but I found it on a Pinterest binge = /

I can't lie, I'm kinda obsessed with my vision board. I love everything it stands for, the aesthetic looks cute, and I plan to put every damn thing on it in motion. Below are the list of categories and a snippet of what my goal is for each one. Some stuff would require me to write for days so I kept it short. If all goes to plan (which it will) each action point will show on the blog throughout the year. 


This one is something I actually started over the holidays. I want to spend more time with friends and family. Life is so short and 2016 showed a lot of that. I want to take in as many moments as I can. I also want to empower my friends and family and share the inspiration. A couple of the clippings that relate to family and friends are: "trollin with the homies", "conversation", "close", "real", "love", "home-grown", and "open". 


Some of my personal growth points blend into other categories so you'll probably hear some of these a few times. In general I want to make sure I'm increasing each portion of my life ranging from finances to recreation. A couple of things that immediately stick out are:  Reading more: I've made this goal time and time again but its seriously happening this year. Reading is one of the key ways to keep your mind sharp (as my grandma would say). Meditation: This goal is partnered with creating a pattern of waking up early and working out. My zodiac sign (yes I'm into that) is Taurus which is known for being a creature of habit. I didn't think I possessed that quality but once I'm in a schedule I keep it. I need to create a schedule based off my desired morning ritual. Another goal is to stay self aware. Every year I learn more and more about myself. 2016 taught me how to listen to my emotions and dig into them. I'm a very logical person so I don't really think with my heart all the time. I'm working on being more in tune with that.  There are a ton more ranging from self love, style goals, and activism. Clipping Reference: "serenity", "open", "free your mind", "vision", "queen", "bold", and "real"


Goal #1 stay connected, stay faithful. I've always felt extremely connected to God. I could give you story after story, which is why my faith in myself is so strong. I truly believe I'm here for a reason and I'm never going to fail (I know of course I'll fail but not FAIL FAIL). I said stay connected because while I'll always be faithful sometimes I'll slip into "I only pray when I need stuff" mode – not purposely but it happens. Every time I say out loud "I'm so fake" so I want to change that. Lately I've been super challenged in what my next life step is (career wise). There are days when I'm depressed and over it then the next week something good will happen. Gotta stay faithful on the tough days. Clipping References: "God Bless the child", "Glory", "Close", "feel blessed", "heaven", and "conversation". 


Save some money is the FIRST goal. Budgets don't exist in my world and I'm too old to continue being childish. Plus I realized if I stop eating out I can buy more sneakers. Duh. I have a few financial goals ranging from student loan bills, credit scores, to 401k crap. Clipping References: "free your mind", "independence", "business brains get thinking", and "conversation".


JESUS. I don't even know how to sum this one up. I could be here with a whole keynote presentation on this topic. Instead I'll give you some of my top goals in a nutshell and share some of my favorite clippings (and you'll totally get the point). Main goals: creative independence (this could be going fully freelance or finding a role that would let me stretch and have more freedom. Produce more products: take the shop to the next level. Design/art: create more more and MORE I need to expand on everything from illustration to photography. Collaborate: work with more people, shadow friends I admire, target/collaborate with brands I love. Clipping references: "moves", "making waves", "creative class", "vision", "move forward", "I do my own things I paved my own path", "ambition", and "independence".


Towards the end of college I learned to keep my relationship/relationship status pretty discrete. When I started at my current job I found myself being more open and talkative – which in the moment was fine but there was one time where a colleague asked me about my relationship in front of another colleague whom I was friends with but didn't want them in my business. It wasn't anything bad but I couldn't blame anyone but myself for telling my personal business. I'm sticking in my plan and keeping that part of my life to myself. I think its an element of mystery – people honestly don't know if I'm in a relationship or not and I like that. Just know my goal for this is to be more open in any type of relationship. I grew up with mostly boys (expect my mama of course) and can be the complete opposite of open and affectionate. Its something Im really working on. Bigger than anything I'm falling more and more in love with myself. I know that sounds selfish but last year I realized that I really didn't love myself like I thought – definitely an eye opener. Clipping reference:  "Love", "open", "beauty", and "don’t want no scrubs”.


Live a little. While I attended every damn concert last year I still don't feel like I've really embraced LA as a whole. I mentioned being a creature of habit earlier, that mixed with the fact I have to commute and be around people all damn week makes me want to hide in a shell all weekend (and not go anywhere on the weeknights). I love my shell, I really do... but I need to get out more. This week I have social obligations almost every night after work and the thought of that makes me tired but I GOTTA do it. Another huge component is traveling, even if its just a quick weekend trip. Its so much of the world I want to see. Clipping reference:  “where”, “moves”, “we out here”, and “run this town”.


Giving back is huge for this year. Like most young girls in Huntsville, Alabama I grew up in Girls Scouts and Girls Inc. Girls Inc played a huge part in my life so I have a plan in motion to create a summer program to give back. Other than community service related topics I want to continue to give my gifts to the world and also help others who are pursuing similar fields. Clipping references: “shine a light”, "feminism", “stand for something”, “leader”, “black girl magic”, and “the girl that needs me is outspoken” quote.


We've heard this all before but I'm going to get in shape – seriously. I lost a bunch of weight in the last year and a half but I really need to tone. Back in the day I ran track and was my own "body goals" (and didn't even know it at the moment) I don't think I'm joining anyones track team anytime soon but for my overall health (especially with a desk job) I need to be in shape.  Clipping references:  “get in shape”, Serena, “strong” and “glow”


This one is something that I started working on last month. I've been in my apartment for 4 years but just started decorating it. To be honest when I moved here so I was so focused on making sure I could land a job after my internship decor wasn't important. Plus I had no intention in staying in that space but 4 years later here we are. I realized that the design of a space can change everything, especially your mood. I plan to put forth of huge effort in making any spaces I occupy (home and work) the best. Clipping reference:  plant photo, “where”, free your mind”, “style”, “bloom”

In a nutshell these are some of my goals, there's a bunch of stuff I couldn't touch on and clippings that we'll be here all day for if I had to explain but you get the gist. I'm hoping that I can keep up the momentum I have now for the rest of the year. I'm telling y'all.. this shit is about to be magical. Let me know what you think about the board and some of your new year goals.

Dawn the don. (if you didn't know my first name is Dawn, middle name is Laci)