No Gang Affiliation

Now I know better, I know better than to walk around LA with gang affiliation colors and rags on but guess what? I did it anyway and got TRIED in a laundromat off Slauson somewhere. Shortly after at a day party the security guard called me 2Pac and another threw up blood 👀.  I'm like.... I thought we reclaimed the red bandana with the women's march lol? But I guess not 🤷🏿

Long story short – no more red bandanas in LA off Slauson (Kanye voice)

This year is about self-reflection for me, I'm really trying to figure myself out and realize what works and what doesn't. One thing that works for me is comfort. Comfort is KEY for me. Now you hear that phrase a lot if you read any interviews from girls who primarily wear sneakers. Sometimes when I hear it I cringe (even as I typed it) because I've heard it SO much and I always think okay... so other than comfort what else do you like about it?? So, let me tell you what else drives me to this "cozy" lifestyle.

From a child I've always worn sneakers and wore oversized clothes, growing up with all older brothers it's a culture you can't really get away from. Having the new Jordan's came second nature to me. I'm from Alabama so to be honest I wasn't really familiar with a lot of streetwear apparel brands, but sneakers? I got you on that. Back then it wasn't as popular for women to consistently wear sneakers so I saw my share of bs – even in college I had a few people question my sexuality (which how can you guess someone's sexuality from sneakers who knows). But guess what? Now its alllllll the rave! "Cozy culture" is something that's always been a part of my life, while I love the comfort I love the history more. For example, the "jail pose" is very popular now, but I didn't get that from Instagram. I got it from my brother that went to jail at one point 🤷🏿.  

Since "cozy culture" is becoming heavily saturated I'm always thinking of ways to be a little different while remaining true to self. For me this means mixing athleisure wear with other pieces, not JUST wearing sneakers but always experimenting, and not being attached to the idea of "streetwear". Like I said, I didn't grow up knowing these brands (like Supreme and Pink Dolphin) so it's not second nature for me to shop those places. Don't get me wrong I love their stuff but it's not a priority. I would rather rock a vintage tee about Black Scientists and its cheaper and more exclusive. 

It interesting how your childhood and how you grow up seeps into your whole entire life. I'm thankful for that. 

Not pictured (aka didn't like any pics that showed them) AIR JORDAN HIGH RETRO 1S

Vintage tee: Painted bird vintage 

Glasses: Giant Vintage

Photos: @leticia Edits: yours truly