Best Life


And the award for most overused and abused phase of 2017 goes to “Live your best life” (pauses for applause).

While it’s definitely run its course I’m still over here holding on to it for dear life. Initially I thought what does “live your best life” even really mean? … like how do you define your best life? After a while everything became a “best life” reference. Popping champagne with the homies? Best life. Taking a mental health day from work? Best life. Treating myself to a pair of sneakers I don’t need to buy? Also, my best life.

Obviously I’m abusing the phase, I’ve been wondering what exactly do I consider my best life and how can I walk into that. Here’s what I have so far in no particular order:

1.     Confidence and being secure with self (absolute freedom)

2.     Outstanding physical and mental health

3.     Being in tune and connected spiritual wise

4.     Maintain and only have healthy relationships

5.     Security (finances)

6.     Self-spoiling

7.     Killing it work wise

I’m going to give you a quick rundown (emphasis on quick because I’m long winded) on how this relates to my life in particular.

 Confidence and being secure with self (absolute freedom)

 When I think about people like Rihanna I get the idea that she’s fully secure with self (how else does she pull off literally everything?) Does that mean she doesn’t have insecurities and shortcomings? No. But you can tell that she knows EXACTLY who she is and holds a level of fearlessness that’s unmatched. My friend Leticia is the same way (hey girl hey) it’s that confidence and shedding of outside judgment that makes those personality types so attractive. Honestly, it’s the feeling of freedom and knowing that you not the 2 or 3 but the 1 (shout out to Kurupt on Jhene’s new album for that line). Having freedom within yourself is also REALLY knowing yourself and I mean knowing yourself beyond the surface. I want to feel fully secure and free. This is a goal I’ve been working on all year that is finally coming into fruition.


Outstanding physical and mental health

 This is pretty straight to the point…...less Wingstop more cardio. Mental health wise I’m working on doing things that take stress off my plate. If you follow me you know I work a lot, which has definitely benefitted me but mentally it can be a lot. so, I’m working on creating escapes and reminding myself that I’m human…. not a working robot. Trying therapy is also on my to-do list.


Spiritual Connectivity

This is simple, being in tune and connected spiritual wise

Keeping God first and not just when I need something.


Healthy relationships

I mentioned in a recent post about my friends that I’m working on being vulnerable and really leaning on friends as my true support system. I’m happy to report that I’ve been doing a good job (and I probably get on their nerves, but whatever). I’m also trying to keep a good line of communication with family. As someone who didn’t grow up in a super family oriented environment it’s very easy for me to isolate myself and not engage with anyone…life is too short so I want to at least do my part in those relationships. As for romantic relationships, I want anyone in my life to be a healthy addition and someone I can learn and be inspired from……not something else to add to my stress list.



Sometimes I question my age when I think about how I handle money. I will say that the cost of living is expensive AF in California but I can utilize my money a lot differently from how I’m handling it now. This is probably one of my biggest struggles and something that I have to handle in order to fully live my best life vs living my best broke ass life.



After reading the paragraph above this probably shouldn’t even be on the list lol butttttt…. I believe in treating yourself (in moderation of course). Sometimes in fear of being broke I won’t do ANYTHING for myself…...but at the end of the day I’m not working hard for no reason. If I can buy those Riccardo Tisci AF1s and be able to pay my bills that’s all that matters and sometimes you have to splurge. Treat yo self.


Killing it work wise

There’s a lot you could say about me, but one thing that you have to include is that I work really hard on my craft. This is something that will never change and is one essential key in living my best life. The harder I work, the more opportunities I open myself to. I enjoy inspiring people and I notice the more that I do the more I inspire people to do whatever is it they want to do. I can truly say that I think that’s my purpose on earth… to inspire.

Another skill that adds on to killing it at work is continually learning by taking classes and reading. I’m still working on the reading part but the rest is on lock.

These are all elements that essentially equal to me living my best life. Some people think you need to look a certain way or have certain things to feel successful or to be living at your best. Don't get it twisted, I love "things" lol but at the end of the day you define what your best life is. 

Oh yeah.... above are some cute shots that I implemented into a lookbook-ish layout because I'm extra and like for things to look editorial.

Shirt: Rose Bowl flea market |skort: Zara | socks: ASOS | sneakers: Air Jordan 13s from the 07/08 retro pack 

Photos: @LeticiaHunt

Photo Edits/layout: ya girl