Top Podcasts


I really didn't get into podcasts or listening to interviews until 2013ish. Around that time I was working at Imagineering and everyone always had a reference to a recent TED talk (because that's what people at Disney do). I started watching (but really only listening) to TED Talks religiously. I saw it as multi-tasking. I was getting my work done and learning something inspiring at the same damn time. 

From the TED talks I slowly eased into listening to online interviews (like old episodes of the Breakfast Club) into podcasting. When putting together this list I realized I listen to A LOT of podcasts and it honestly doesn't feel like it. Below is a list of my top favs (no particular order) and a quick rundown of why I listen.

The Read

This list isn't in order but The Read is my number one! Every Thursday hosts Kid Fury and Crissle West dive into black excellence, pop culture, fan letters, and the infamous "read portion" (if you don't know what 'read' means pls google). From police brutality, to why Tyga's cars keep getting reposed. You can find it all on The Read. Its the best combination of  sophistication, comedy, and ratchet.  It's the best. Check out the read here

The Brilliant Idiots

Hosts Charlamagne Tha God and Andrew Schulz hosts a weekly podcast covering everything happening in the world from pop culture to politics. Both men have strong personalities but also come from two completly different backgrounds making the dynamic of the show very interesting. If I had one word for this it would be unfiltered. Listen to The Brilliant Idiots here

Rap Radar

Based off the brand Rap Radar, Elliot Wilson and Brian 'Bdot' Miller hosts a show interviewing different people within the music industry. From LA Reid to video directors like Eif Rivera they do a great job at covering the spectrum of the industry and landing interviews that you can't just find anywhere. Listen to Rap Radar here

Revision Path

One of my favorites! Revision Path is a podcast about people of color in the design space hosted by creative Maurice Cherry. This is my one stop shop for all things design. Its so refreshing to listen to other people of color discuss the design industry and challenges. Its also reminds me that its more of us than I think! Listen to Revision Path here

Lip Service

Now this one is a little risqué. The show's hosts Angela Yee, Stephanie Santiago, and Gigi Maguire go into a deep dive about everything sex. You can find a variety of guests, from rappers to singers to digital influencers. I'm sure you'll have a few "I've never even thought of that" moments. Listen to lip service here

The Friend Zone

I'm going to use the description on their soundcloud because its better than anything I have to say "Listen along every Wednesday as Dustin Ross, HeyFranHey & Assanté explore mental hygiene, because who in the hell wants a musty brain?" This trio is amazing and a great mixture of comedy and real talk about keeping your mental healthy. Listen to The Friend Zone here

Tax Season

You know that one guy in your family who would really shoot somebody but is changing his life for the better until someone tries him again? (if not just go to the next one) but if you're still with me that person is Tax. Tax is the one who could be in jail but was asked to create his own podcast after being a great apperance on The Brilliant Idiots. In a short amount of time Tax has interviewed hitters from Russell Simmons to Fat Joe and Remy Ma. Tune into Tax Season here

Another Round

Buzzfeed writers Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton created this weekly, booze-filled podcast where they come together for hilarious coversation and a rundown of the latest world events. This podcast is full of black girl magic, they've had guests from Issa Rae to Ava DuVernay. Check out Another Round here

A Waste of Time

You may know brothers Eric and Jeff Rosenthal also known as "ItsTheReal" from their hip-hop comedy sketches and videos. Besides that the duo hosts a music based podcast interviewing some of the players in the music industry. I love this one because they tend to interview people who work in the industry but aren't rappers like Charlamagne tha God and Angie Martinez. Listen to A Waste of Time here.

Color Full Lives

The podcast series brings radio show host Angela YeeHey Fran Hey‘s Francheska, and tech queen Tatiana King-Jones together to discuss topics relevant to women (especially women of color) ranging from self care to navigating your career. Its one that I learn a lot from weekly. Listen to Color Full Lives here.

Call your Girlfriend

This one is a newer one for me but I love it! This show is described as “a podcast for long-distance besties everywhere.” Co-hosted by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, this free-form conversational podcast gives the you best of everything. Listen to Call Your Girlfriend here.

Bodega Boys

Desus Nice and the Kid Mero are the undisputed Twitter kings. These two have been on a few MTV shows and always keep people rolling with their crazy comedy. Listen to the Kid Mero and Desus tear apart the week’s headlines here.

Fan Bros

DJ Benhameen, Tatiana King-Jones, Chico Leo and a few others hosts a show once a week to talk about the latest news from the geek world perspective. They've interviewed people like the current editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics, to Just Blaze. You can get a good dose of both worlds on this one. Listen to Fan Bros here.

There's a few podcasts that aren't on the list but are still favs such as: The Combat Jack Show – a podcast about the music industry. Design Matters – a design based podcast by Debbie Millman. I love this one but its no diversity. All all. Another really popular one is Serial – a podcast that follows real life court cases from the citizen level. I highly recommend season 1. 

There's a few things I've noticed about myself after I started listening to podcasts. 1. I watch less television 2. I have knowledge about a bunch of random information that comes in handy at the most random times (a lot of times at work). 3. I learn a lot about the things I love. For instance, I love music so I'm curious about the lives of musicians and the people who make things happen in the industry. After listening to different shows I've become so fluent in pop culture and music.

I know podcasting is still new to some people but check it out. It may be weird initially but I guarantee you'll get something from this form of entertainment. Listen to a few shows and let me know what you think!