Black Lives Matter

Unless you've been under a rock you've heard about the multiple murders that have occurred in the US in the last week. As I said in a recent Instagram post, I can't give you a Jesse Williams speech because I'm more of a visual person but I'm exhausted.  I'll never understand why someone could hate another human because of the color of their skin so much to the point where they don't value their life. It'll never, ever, ever make sense to me. The hatred that has been shown in this country is unreal. Stemming from two black men being killed at the hands of police officers to 5 officers being killed in Dallas at a protest. Its unreal.

I'm in fear. Not just fear for myself but fear for everyone, especially my black brothers and sisters. As I was leaving the grocery store today an officer pulled beside me and my heart dropped, you would've thought I was a drug dealer or guilty of something. In reality the image of the officer scared me to death, the light couldn't change faster. The fear is real.

This post is just as scattered as my thoughts because I honestly don't know where to start so I'll wrap it up. I'm scared. I'm scared to exist in this world. I don't have the answers to what we should do to fix this problem but we need love, we need equality, we need action, and we need peace NOW.

 I'm thinking of ways to create positive vibes and promote love in the community, starting with my work. One more note, if you believe "All lives matter" I can't with you. Of course your life matters but there's a specific group of people being targeted. And if you're silent you're also apart of the problem. Stay Woke.

Below are a few action items and articles that can help you if you're confused around the idea of black lives matter, or if you're racist as hell.

Action Items:

Click here to find your legislator

Donate to Philando Castile's family here

Donate to Alton Sterling's family here

Stay Woke articles/videos:

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